Getting a JobKick off this series with a "career quiz" to find out what types of jobs you'd be good at. Prepare for a job interview, create your own video resume, complete your own job application, and more.
    Keeping a Job Congratulations! You've landed a job! Now what can you do to make sure you keep your job? Walk through some important lessons about communication, social skills, and money management with us to find out!
      Self-Advocacy BasicsFirst learn the three basics to workplace self-advocacy: (1) know yourself, (2) know your wants and needs, and (3) know your rights. Then, get familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and how this law protects individuals with disabilities.
        Aids and Accommodations If you'd like to know more about specific aids and accommodations that you can ask for in the workplace, this series is for you!
          Facial and Dental CareFind out when, where, and why you should take care of your face and teeth. Take some time to practice so you can brush your teeth, wash your face, moisturize, and use ChapStick® daily.
            Handwashing and Nail CareFind out when, where, and why you should take care of your hands and nails. Take some time to practice washing your hands along with scrubbing and trimming your nails so these can be hygiene habits!
              Looking and Smelling Nice

              Find out when, where, and why you should apply deodorant and take some time to practice. Explore how to dress appropriately for your day or evening based on the weather, where you're going, and what you're doing.