Facilitator Guide

  1. Lesson Planning Checklist and Notes
    Use this planning chart as you prepare to teach your lesson. You can check off each item as you go and take notes before, during, or after.
  2. Lesson Planning Checklist and Time Tracker
    Use this time management chart as you prepare to teach your lesson. This tool allows you to better estimate how much time you need to prepare each part of the lesson.
  3. Ways to Introduce a Series
    Starting a new series? Spark interest in the topic with one of these fun and engaging ideas.
  4. Words to Know Activity Options
    Make your "words to know" time extra exciting and meaningful by planning one of these creative activities to do with your group.
  5. Ways to Review a Series
    Ready to wrap up a series with your group? Find some creative ideas to review the topic and add some structure to the end of a series.
  6. Helpful Tips for Facilitating
    Gain some general knowledge for effectively facilitating a lesson.
  7. Lesson Documentation Chart
    Use this chart to document participant(s) response(s) to the lesson, and to keep track of outcomes met.
  8. Lesson Documentation Narrative
    Use this to quickly and efficiently document your participant's responses to the lesson.
  9. Tips for Managing Group Dynamics
    Do you need some practical solutions for specific situations? Use these tips to become an excellent facilitator in all scenarios.
  10. Printable Certificates of Completion
    Optional: Print these certificates for participants who have completed a category of the curriculum.