Game NightIf you're looking for a way to spend time and have fun with friends and family, join us as we plan our very own game night! We will discuss how to plan and participate in a game night. Next, we will learn and practice several fun games to add to your next game night!
    Indoor & Outdoor HobbiesWhether you love the great outdoors or would rather be inside, you can explore many different creative hobbies that have lasting benefits for you. Join us and learn about the versatile hobbies of photography, birdwatching, and gardening.
      Calming HobbiesIf your mind is busy or you need a healthy way to calm down, you might want to try a calming hobby like Meditation or Journaling. Explore both of these calming hobbies with us to see what you think!
        Outdoor Nature HobbiesThere's nothing else like spending time in nature and getting outside for some fresh air! Learn all about some hobbies that will bring you closer to nature and why they are great for your health.
          CrochetingHave you ever wondered what it is like to work with yarn? How do we turn yarn into a usable fabric? In this series, we will learn one way to do this, crochet! Join Erin as she teaches us how to get started on a crochet project and a few simple stitches we can learn to enjoy this new, creative hobby.
            Paper QuillingDo you enjoy creating unique projects with your hands and some simple supplies? If so, paper quilling might be your next hobby! In this series, we will first walk through the basics of paper quilling, then guide you step-by-step in creating your very own simple paper quilling projects. We can’t wait to see what you create!