Ways to Review a Series

Community Connection
Make and keep a list of all the places in your community that you have visited or would like to visit. Go through the list and talk about how the series you’re reviewing might apply to each specific place. For example, if you just completed a money management series, you might make a list that includes the library, a restaurant, a bank, etc. Start with the library and ask your group how you might need to manage your money at a library. Your group might say that you need to return items on time to your library, or you might have to pay money for overdue items.
Peer Interview
(1) If you know that someone in your group has a lot of experience with a given topic, you might want to ask him or her to come up to the front with you and have his or her peers ask questions about the person’s experiences. You can help facilitate and create questions to ask to help review. (2) Partners can interview one another at their seats. Create a list of interview questions related to the series’ topic and give time for pairs to ask and answer. At the end of the time, ask each pair to share one important piece of information from their interview. The interview can consist of review questions or can be about personal experience with the given topic.
Team Trivia
Divide your group into 2 (or more) teams and start asking review questions from the Video Discussion Guides or the Learning Activities in the series you just completed. Call on the first hand raised, and if he or she is correct, give that team a point. If he or she is wrong, the other team gets a chance to answer. Keep track of points and see which team can answer the most questions correctly!
Take 2
If you had introduced your series with a sensory experience, a visit in the community, or a "Words to Know" Activity, simply use the same materials you already used. For example, pass around the objects you brought in for the sensory experience again and see if everyone knows what the objects are now. Redo the "Words to Know" activity and see if participants know what the words mean this time. Both you and your group will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when you realize how much you’re able to remember a second time around!
KWL Chart
If you used a KWL Chart to introduce your series, return to it after the series. Fill in the L column by listing all the things that were learned. From this list, you can ask participants what they enjoyed learning about the most and why, and what they would like to still learn more about. Feel free to take some time to continue researching topics of interest that arise from the series.